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Last updated June 21, 1998

New Stuff can be found below. But if this is your first time...

Well, well. You found us after all. We donít have much up yet, but we are all working on it. Overtime. If you see anything you like, just click on the title. It should get you there.

Now, a disclaimer might be timely here. Yeah, yeah. Itís boring, we know. But itís compulsory red-tape, and we are all too poor to be sued. So, just grin and bear with it.

Disclaimer: Space:Above and Beyond and its characters are property of Hard Eight Productions, Morgan and Wong and Fox TV. We do not intend any copyright infringement, and we just do this for fun. Most fiction here is done with tongue firmly in cheek, and with the best of humour. So, we hope no one is offended by the wild tales we spin. Itís all done out of love, we assure you. No one was hurt in the creation of our tales.

All work is impliedly copyrighted to the author/ authors.

So, if you are ready to suspend reality for a moment, check out the stuff we have in store for you.

The Gossip Table by The Firebirds
-- Ongoing speculation about Col. McQueen's defeat of Chiggy von Richtofen as seen in "The Angriest Angel"
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Chiggy von Richtofen by Sparhawk
-- Sparhawk's theory on the elusive chig star fighter.
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Done Duty by Sparhawk
-- A Chig's point of view about the war and fighting the 'red stink humans.
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Alternative Episode Titles by Firebirds
-- A wacky, punnish look at S:aaB episode titles
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Mission Report #1 by Kingfisher
-- An 88th Firebirds Mission Report compiled by Kingfisher
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Operation White Wing -- Fight for Hill 375 by Kingfisher
-- Another 88th Firebirds Mission Report compiled by Kingfisher
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Ground Zero by Kingfisher
-- Yet another 88th Firebirds Mission Report compiled by Kingfisher... with some surprise guest stars...

Apologies all around, but this is not yet ready. Please Check back later. Thank you kindly!

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Tell Our Moms... We went to the Kopitiam-lah! by Sparhawk and Garuda
-- See what caffeine can do to tired grey cells... it fries them. A Humourous crossover of S:AAB and Kopitiam. Serving up a treat!
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A brand-new bit of writing!! A crossover, featuring characters from S:AAB and one of our favourite local english sitcoms, "Kopitiam". It's a riot, especially if you are Malaysian.

Mission Reports of the "exploits" of the 88th Firebirds in the world of S:AAB have been written up by our esteemed Weapons Officer, Kingfisher. They are a treat to read, so, check them out!

Now, if youíre done, itís your duty to email the author/s to tell them what you thought of their hard ... or not so hard work. So, go on then, e-mail them now!! The feedback is invaluable. More fiction is in the works. So, if this has whetted your appetite any, check back soon!

This ever-growing mini-archive is open to contributions from any member of the 88th. If anyone would like to see your name in print, and maybe dream a little of being that famous writer you always admired, send your contributions to me.

I'll sort through them, and put them up in html for publishing on our fanfiction page. Much as I'd like to be able to screen all the pieces sent, I'd appreciate it if you take note of some simple submission guidelines.