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Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your fiction for archiving, please take note of the following:

  • Please keep your stories G or PG.
    --If it requires a higher rating, please indicate why it does in the body of your message. eg. PG-13 for violence or sexual content. We are trying to maintain this as an open site, so, no NC-17, 18 or R ratings will be accepted. I may be able to help redirect you to another site that would archive stories of that rating.

  • Read it through, spell check your document, and correct any grammatical errors.
    --If I have the time, I might be able to correct any spelling errors or inform you of any grammatical errors. However, if I don't, it will go up as is, and I know from experience, that neither you nor the reader will appreciate that. so, please check it through.

  • Save the document in either Text or Word.

  • Send the file to sparhawk@earthcorp.com, with "New SAAB story: Title_of_your_story" in the subject line. In the body of your message, include:

    a) Your name or a pseudonym
    b) Your e-mail address
    c) A disclaimer or author's note if you like. We have already got the disclaimer for Space covered.

Well, that's about it, really. Just let your imaginations go, and have fun!

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