Alternative Episode Titles

-by The Firebirds -

The Firebirds are at it again! More wackiness spawned from the slip of a finger! Sparhawk's finger, nonetheless. So, it was opened to the whole List. and here we find the gems of the puns of the S:AAB episode titles. The thing Firebirds are best at doing. Apologies once again to people at S:AAB who thought so hard and long to title the episodes. We appreciate it! this is just our way of showing it!

The thing that started it all:

Stay with the Dead

  • Stay with the Deaf
    -- an original typo which spawned...

  • Satay with the Dead
    -- Morbid images result (a quick definition of 'satay': barbequed meat on sticks. Much like kebabs)

  • Sway with the bed
    -- McQueen in a hammock with the chip thingy taken out

  • Stay with the Sod
    -- Night out at the Tun when Nathan had a few and starts whining about Kylen.

  • Stay with the Redhead
    -- S:AAB/X-Files crossover. Scully finally gets tired of Mulder ditching her and chases after him in a Hammerhead

The Angriest Angel

  • The Angriest Angler
    -- McQueen as a fisherman looking for that elusive giant salmon

  • The Hungriest Angel
    -- A tale of any one of the 127th post diet phase

  • Angriest Bagel
    -- A bread decides to take revenge on Chiggy Von Richtofen for eating the rest of the batch

  • The Tastiest Pringle

  • The Grungiest Angel
    -- It's Halloween and the 127th decide to dress up as punks

Farthest Man From Home

  • Farthest Nan From Home
    -- A Granny goes a-wandering and gets lost

  • Farthest Naan From Home
    -- Malaysian/Indian version of pancakes in space OR maybe the cook has been too enthusiastic about yeast again...

  • Smarmiest Man From Home
    -- Thats Sewell , hands down

  • Fastest Man Back Home
    -- A race back to Earth

Dark Side of the Sun

  • Dark Side of the Son
    -- The side that got sunburnt

  • Dark Side of the Tun
    -- The corner of the Tun Tavern that needs bulbs replaced OR the part of the Tun most visited by a certain surly but cute Lt Colonel ;D

  • Dark Side of the Flan
    -- When Cooper forgot to watch the oven

Who Monitors the Birds?

  • Who Monitors the Firebirds?
    -- No one 'coz no one can keep up!

  • Who Marinates the Birds?
    -- Yum!

Ray Butts

  • Ray Putz
    -- Because he is!

Wackiness personified. Blame it on the contributions of Sparhawk, Peregrine and Garuda.

The End

© Copyrighted 1997
5 August 1997

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