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Chatting with Joel de la Fuente

Well, by now, it's a well-known fact among S:AAB fans and Joel fans that he has to be one of the most accessible actors around to date! Well, so long as you have online access, you can keep up to date with him at his Official Homepage. There is, most importantly, a Bulletin Board where you can leave messages for Joel (which more often than not, will receive a reply should he have the time), hold discussions, and keep monitored for invitations to chat with Joel himself. In fact, most of the invitations are personally issued, which is a very nice gesture indeed!

To date, there have been 2 chats held with packed attendences from fans all over the world. They are chaotic, as chats usually are, but they are fun! Most importantly, you get to talk to him, and get the occassional low-down on what goes on behind the scenes of S:AAB!

Members of the 88th Firebirds have been present at both chats, and we have compiled an edited chat log for those who are interested in what went on there. It's severely edited for easy reading, and we hope it provides some information as well as amusement.

Chats with Joel de la Fuente