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Being Malaysian, and therefore a member of the Commonwealth, the 88th Firebirds have allied ourselves with the newly formed Commonwealth Defence Forces (CDF). This is an organization based in London, England, and is an "Allied Force". Member squadrons will be formed from the squadrons of the various Commonwealth countries, should they be interested.

It is essentially a common voice to unite the various members of the Space community under one united banner. More information will be forthcoming in the future, as word is received from the Head Honchos over in England.

For now, check out the CDF HQ and main page. It will give an idea of what is being planned. And if you are interested in registering your squadron, contact Lt Col Dave "IronMan" Inman.

Also, don't forget to check out the Fictional History of the CDF. It's a pretty good read. And who knows what the future would be like?!

Current squadrons in the CDF