The 88th Firebirds hit the airwaves!!

Date: 22 November 1997

Programme: Cyberwave

How does it feel to be on television? Well, ask the 88th Firebirds. They know!

The feeling? Ecstatic!

The Nesting Site was recently featured on Cyberwave, a local television programme about the latest in the world of computers and online sites of interest. On November 22, 1997, our page was highlighted as a "Fun Site".

Mention was made of Space:Above and Beyond, what we are doing, the site in general, our (now ended) online North Korean Famine Appeal; and sections of the site were even shown on air!

We at the 88th are very proud of this unsolicited and surprising recognition of our squadron, and below, we share with you what was said about our little Nesting Site.

The Spirit Lives On!!

88th Firebirds on "Cyberwave"

If you think comics are for kiddies and sci-fi are more to your taste, drop by at the Eighty-eighth Firebirds Nesting site. ( This site was created by a group of diehard Malaysian fans of sci-fi series, "Space: Above and Beyond", after its untimely demise after one season in Malaysia. This is part of an Internet fandom united in their fight to bring back S: AAB.

The originality of the series has been retained as much as possible. This is evidenced by the way the site has been designed. There's even an online replica of the team's space ship, the U-S-S Saratoga.

Visitors can write in and state their sentiments and support for the site by signing the guestbook. Among the guests that have signed the book is Joel de la Fuente, who plays the First Lieutenant in the series.

Humanity is also very much alive in these people as a special page has been created to appeal for donations to help the current famine situation in North Korea. Well, that's one up for the goodness of mankind.

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Archived: 20 December 1997