Sparhawk says...

The Immediately Post-Gathering report

Just back from the Gathering. What can I say? I thought it went great!! <huge grin> I hope that everyone who went agrees with me. It was really wonderful to be able to put faces to callsigns and names and online personalities.

Reports will trickle in from the others who went, I'm sure, (They have orders to report, anyway. <evil grin>) There are pictures. But we'll need time to develope them and scan them and things. So, that will have to wait a bit. Do i hear a sigh of relief from those who were there? ;D

I don't have much to say at the moment. Just some observations about the RL Firebirds.

  1. Blacky is 0.001% royalty! ;)
  2. Falcon has a really cool Dad!! :D
  3. Bats can really quote S:AAB lines verbatim!
  4. Kes makes beautiful potato salad!
  5. KF does really have a bloodthirsty streak in all his quietness!
  6. Garry's threats scare you even more in RL than they do online! :)
  7. Gossy will only save you when you are not breathing. :D
  8. E doesn't piroutte. :(
  9. Per isn't the oldest after all! ;)
  10. Spar's hair is not red!
  11. We all like sci-fi.
  12. We had LOADS to eat!
  13. We had some crazy moments.
  14. We talked enough to last us for a long while and...
  15. ... The time went by way too fast. :(

I'm toddling off. I'm totally pooped right now.

Bottom row L-R: Bats, Perry, Spar, Garry, Gossy, Kes
Top row L-R: KF, Falc, Blacky

Upon reflection...

And yes, to all those who are wondering, we did yell "Semper Fi!" at one point, and I swear that the family at the picnic table nearest to us edged a little further away. :)

There are all these bits of info floating around in my head, and I can't get them coherent enough to compile into a report. So, I'll list them, as I remember them, and you guys figure them out ok? I guess it's because I was there so early and I managed to be fortunate... or unfortunate enough to be one of the first to meet up with everyone. :)

So, here's some tid-bits leftover from The Event of the Year or EOTY as Blacky so succinctly put it. :)

Semper Fi!

88th Firebirds

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