The Gathering!!

The Event of the Year!!

- Reports from participating members -

Date: 21 December 1997

Day: Sunday

Time: 11 am - 4pm

Venue: Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This Real-life meeting of the 88th Firebirds had been planned for a long, long time. We had been having so much fun online that we felt it was time to see if we'd have as much fun off-line.

The answer? We did!!

It was a beautiful day, it was a perfect setting, there were 10 Firebirds present, all the Honchos were there, people had travelled all the way from Sabah (East Malaysia), Malacca (South of Peninsular Malaysia) and Penang (North of Peninsular Malaysia) to be here... it was just GREAT!! To our amazement, we all got along fabulously! We talked our head off about S:AAB and just about anything else we could think of, we stuffed our faces with food, of which there was a-plenty... (well, we're Malaysian, there was bound to be loads of food!!) We cracked in-jokes, exclaimed at how different we had pictured everyone to look, we took pictures... and why am I nattering on??

You can get all the info you want about the Gathering, and the individual's points-of-view, from the reports below.

The best testimony to the success of the day had to be at 3.30pm, when I said, "Half an hour to go, guys, time to clear up." And all I got were looks of horror and exclamations of "Already??!!" "Where did the time go?!" "You gotta be kidding!!"

Hope you enjoy reading the reports, as much as we enjoyed being there!!

Wanna see what the 88th Firebirds look like? (or some of them, anyway) There are pictures too, but they are liberally scattered around the reports.

Note: To get the bigger / clearer pictures, click on the photos.

From left: Kestrel, Eagle, Albatross, Kingfisher, Garuda, Sparhawk, Goshawk, Peregrine, Falcon and Blackbird

Gathering Reports

Semper Fi!

88th Firebirds

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