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33 people have deigned to sign the Logbook

Name: Paul "SpaceChaplain" Crispell
From: Las Cruces New Mexico
S:AAB squadron: No, but I'd like to be
Hello! Just surfed in from the Yellow Pages. I like your site! It is wonderful to see so much International support for a classy show like SAaB. I've been thinking about either joining a squadron or even starting my own. Write the SciFi channel and let them know you love the show and would like to see new episodes. Each letter written counts. Strike a blow for our side.
Semper Fi, Mac!
July 12,1998

Name: Ernst-Udo "Crash" Peters aka VA2ECM
From: Canada
S:AAB squadron: 349AW the Crazy Canucks
This site has been reconnoitered by VA2ECM, the friendly neigbourhood AI.
love the look of the new newsletter.
Its nice to see S:AaB alive and kicking in SE Asia.
From the not-so-cold North to the Pacific Rim all the best.
I WILL be monitoring. ;-)
May 20,1998

Name: amri
From: JB, Malaysia
I just surf by cos ilove the show and hope to know other fans of the show.
May 19,1998

Name: Poetry Weaver
From: San Diego, California
Homepage URL: Selected Poetry & Prose

Semper Fi!!! Great web site! I enjoyed my stay, and I'll come back again
to visit soon. Take Care...

~Poetry Weaver

May 1,1998

Name: Syibratul Fauzana
From: Malaysia
Where did you guys learn how to design a webpage ? I'm impressed. Anyway, I'm also a member of the Firebirds, and I'm happy to say I'm really glad to be one of them, even though my inbox is now full of their messages. May the spirit lives on !
February 7,1998

Name: Christian Karlsson
From: Sweden
A nice page dedicated to the best FOX show
ever made. Where did you get that S:AaB
intro were TC McQueen says, We thought we were alone... and all that, where did you get it?
E-mail me with the adress please.
February 1,1998

Name: bilal abdullah
From: canada
Love the show. There are no Canadian sites for SAA. Keep up the good work.
January 8,1998

Name: Helen S. Cowan
From: Georgia, USA
I came here from Joel's Homepage. This is a great site! I have been a loyal "Space: Above and Beyond" fan since it was first shown here in the USA. We have a weekly Chat on AOL that meets every Monday at 9:00 P.M., ET. Needless to say, all of us are looking forward to seeing SAAB shown again on the Sci-Fi Channel here in the USA starting January 11, 1998.
January 4,1998

Name: Stefan Koplik
From: Sweden
Homepage URL: Stefan's Homepage
This is the best page I've ever visited and It's
about the most wonderful subject in the universe.
S:AAB is the best tv-serie I've seen and I really
hope that there will be a follow up to It.
Well until then: Semper Fi, my friends.
December 2,1997

Name: Robert Munroe
From: Brooklyn, New York
Homepage URL: StarSrtriders Headquarters
S:AAB squadron: 21st Squadron "The StarStriders"
Your page looks great, the designer has alot of
November 13,1997

Name: Ashen Shugar, Ruler of the Eagles Reaches
From: Midkemia
Homepage URL: Dragon's Lair
What a wonderful page you got here. I especially like
the fiction written by your Weapons Officer. Such
brilliance and yet so underated. He is a gem for
all the 59th Ready Reserves Squadrons all around the

and oh yeah..nice work to Sparhawk and the others.
November 5,1997

Name: 2nd Lt. Eagle
From: Malaysia
S:AAB squadron: 88th Firebirds! HOO-YAH!
The first time I tried to sign on, I got an error msg and this time I guess I got it right. This is *my* squadron, this is *my* Nesting Site and I'm so proud the my squadron has one of the coolest sites on the Web. This is territory worth fighting for and worth dying for.

GO 88th!!!
October 28,1997

Name: Lachesis
From: Virginia, USA
S:AAB squadron: 66th HOV (well, once upon a time)
i'm impressed, and you should be, too, with yourselves--
it's not everyday that a self-proclaimed Oracle and minor
Goddess gives the nod to a personal website. very
professional, guys. Kudos.
October 24,1997

Name: Way Keat
From: Taiping , Perak, Malaysia.
Thumbs up for the great work!
October 8, 1997

Name: Aswin 'Halfelf' Paap
From: Netherlands
S:AAB squadron: 57th Crusaders
Greetings from the 57th, Firebirds! I have heard from capt.Kong that he was bussy setting up a Malaysian unit,with a marvelous result. Keep the fire burning!

Regards, Capt. Aswin Paap,
57th's 2nd Intelligence officer

88th Note: Thank you, Capt. Aswin, but we do not have a Capt. Kong in the squadron. <puzzled look>

October 3, 1997

Name: Nadiah Abdul Aziz
From: Malaysia
Excellente! So you guys finally fixed the guestbook.
Keep up the good work!
October 1, 1997

Name: Una 'DrkNite' Fritz
From: Germany/Europe
S:AAB squadron: E.S.C. 57th Crusaders Squad
Homepage URL: SAAB Fan-Fiction
Greetings from Europe, Royal Marines!! Got your addy from 2nd Lt. Zeb Lowe and I love the page. Keep up the good work!!
SAAB will never die!!!!!! HOO-RAH!
September 30, 1997

Name: Robin "Robbelcop" Leysen
From: Belgium
S:AAB squadron: 57th Crusaders, 92nd Diamondbacks, 59th Ready Reserve
Got the addy for this page from Sparhawk, whom I met on Undernet. Now this is a really great page ! Loved the way it looks and feels, as well as its content. Keep it up, guys, we'll be checking back later ! Greetings from Europe - Belgium,
Robbel ;)
September 20, 1997

Name: Anita Fletcher Siner
From: Malaysia
Grrreat page sorry didn't get to sign the guestbook the first time round. So many things to read and do and yet too little time to get it all done!! <groans> Anyway, keep up the good work...great work in getting JDLF to sign the the guestbook.
September 20, 1997

Name: Joel de la Fuente
From: This is coming at you from Los Angeles, CA
S:AAB squadron: The one an only 5-8!
Homepage URL: The Official Joel de la Fuente Homepage
Hi to the Firebirds!
Hope all is well. Thanks for all the kind words

Kind regards,

September 15, 1997

Name: JV
From: Oblivion
URL: http://
Comments: Nice page
00:08:24, September 11

Name: Heike
From: Marburg / Germany
Comments: Hi Firebirds! Great page you have going on here.
17:45:32, September 03

Name: Gabrielle Wong
From: Malaysia
URL: http://
Comments: Hooyah!! Great page, guys. And you have given me faith I thought I'd lost. I have finally found my destiny by joining the Firebirds.
11:00:13, September 03

Name: Ernst-Udo Peters
From: Boucherville, Quebec / Canada
URL: http://
Comments: Regards for a fine site. All the best fm the 131st Force Recon
11:12:09, September 02

Name: Maike Liedtke
From: Hamburg / Germany
Comments: Hello there! This site is muuuuucho coole grande!! Sorry to hear the airing of S:AAB has ended in Malaysia... I know how you must feel now *hugs* I was fortunate enough to watch the last ep together with some fellow S:AABers, which was a great comfort. Best wishes, Maike
17:38:26, August 29

Name: Peregrine
From: The Bacchus<I'm retired> / *Way* up there man!
URL: http://
Comments: Alright Sparry ! This looks cool ! Hope its the last time I sign these things .Boy ,tech nowadays eh?And we expect Silicates to take over? !Yeah right ! ;D
09:10:42, August 28

Name: Raja Shaharil Nasir
From: Malaysia
URL: http://
Comments: Wow...never seen one like this before..!! Well, it is excellent...superb...etc. Congragulations to all of you especially to HuI LiN.
08:16:57, August 28

Name: Kristian Sorensen
From: USA
Comments: Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my site. Good work on your page! Your dedication and 'never quit' attitude is a credit to Earth's forces!
Please feel free to drop by my pages anytime!


Kristian Sørensen
08:13:56, August 28

Name: Duane Day
From: Ghostrider, Fighting 28th / USA
URL: http://
Comments: Keep up the great work people and remember Semper Fi!
08:06:18, August 28

Name: Lee Hui Lin
From: Petaling Jaya / Malaysia
Comments: Goshawk here! Hooyah! This is the Greatest Page in Space! :) Great job Sparhawk, Garuda, Perry, Raven and Bats for a terrific page. Two (heck Three) thumbs up for a site well done. A pat on the back from the Chief Medical Officer! :D
04:51:35, August 27

Name: Garuda
From: 88th Firebirds / Malaysia
Comments: Well, Spar, this had better be the *last* time we're changing gustbooks. :) Too bad the other entries were wiped out. :(
23:39:13, August 26

Name: Albatross
From: 88th Firebirds / Malaysia
URL: http://
Comments: HOOYAH MARINES!!! The Spirit Lives On, and SEMPER FI!!!
20:03:37, August 25

Name: Sparhawk
From: 88th Firebirds!! / Malaysia
Comments: Well, our guestbook is up again. It'll be nice if everyone who views this signs our book. We'd love to know who you all are! :-)
08:08:53, August 25