Kingfisher says...


I arrived at Kotaraya around 10.30am, a little too early for the planned meeting time, thus went loafing around Metro Jaya until 11.00am. Exactly at 11, I trudged along the pedestrian walkaway, teeming with people, and weaved through the KL traffic, onwrards towards my destination; Marrybrowns.

Now, I had phoned E, the previous night and said that she would be wearing a yellow blouse or something..So, armed with this knowledge, I confidently approached the entrance of the fast food outlet.

I immediately caught sight of somebody, standing near the entrance wearing this really bright yellow blouse, you would have to be blinded, discrepit, old-man to miss it. Not sure whether this was our Private, I hesitated a while. I noticed that the yellow person had already noticed me, and, trying to make sure that this was the person who had manned the mortar brilliantly during Operation White Wing, started to search for Kes.

Left to right: KF, Falc, E and Bats

Suddenly, this tiny little thing came out of a bookstore next door, and started a conversation with the yellow person. With dozen of questions racing through my mind, I threw caution to the wind and approached the yellow person and asked her, "Is it a good day to die?" Fortunately for me, it turned out to be E so, everything worked out well in the end.

Then...we started waiting for Blacky, which was quite an ardous task in its own right. With all these people walking around, and Intrakota buses wheezing past, it would be quite a problem to spot a pizza caryying person in the crowd, but we still tried our best. We waited for about half an hour, while I made or tried to make small conversation with either Kes and E.

I was busily talking to E, when this person, suddenly stepped up to us and said something to E, which I didn't make out. I stared down and, saw the pizzas he was carrying, and knew that my wait was finally over. Anyway, by that time I was really getting hungry and couldn't wait to get to the food, mind you. I really didn't notice at all Blacky, who had stood there for over 5 minutes..and so it would be an understatement to say that I tried to avoid eye contact with Blacky. Sorry Blacks!;-)

And so, the rest is history. I rest my case...

Sorry for not being more buffer and death-like, but what you see is what you get. ;-) and as I had stated before, Death comes in all different shapes and sizes. Though I had imagined you guys to be different too. Only Gossy came in close to what I had imagined her to look like.. and I managed to catch my bus just in time, so alls well that ends well, and I was able to answer my tests the next Monday with ease. Thank You to anybody who asked

Semper Fi!

88th Firebirds

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