Falcon says...

And now for a short story by me about a lost boy looking for his friends!

It was a bright and sunny day, and we see Falk and family tumble out of a car, Falk looks around,"Strange, didn't Spar say that they would be in Taman Bunga Raya? Besides, that sign WAS pointed in here!"

After running in circles around the building on top of the hill, Falk pulls out a handphone from his fathers hand (Where else?!),looks at a piece of paper and dails,"Hello Spar? Where in Tmn Bunga Raya are you guys? What? Follow the signs? Well, we did that but we ended up somewhere where I can't see anyone with reddish hair. Arrgh! I'm getting confused, waitasec, I'll pass you to my dad!"

Phone changes hands and "Hello! this is Old Falcon speaking!" Falk gives his father the evil eye. After Old Falk finished, they wander into the car

(POV Changes to First Person Falk)

I don't belive this, did Bats and Gossy messed up the signs? I knew we should have driven to the other side of the Lake Gardens and followed Spars directions! Waitasec, three people standing at the junction, one with reddish hair, lets see check hands... yep, she's holding a handphone!

Gets out of car, walks over,says "Hi, I'm Falk!" and puts my hand out for a handshake hoping not to embarass myself,"Are you Spar?"

She nods, YES! Found 'em! Says bye to my family,and looks on as they leave, A few seconds later, a Pajero stops in front of us and out steps GARRY!The rest, they say is history.

The guys!! Falcon, Blackbird and KF

Semper Fi!

88th Firebirds

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