Press Release - Sarawak Artists Society

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(Kuching - March 1999)

The Sarawak Artists Society held their 1998 Annual General Meeting (AGM)cum New Committee Election at Kingwood Inn on the 8th of March 1999. Asa result of this event, the 1999 - 2000 office bearers were elected tolead the society to enter the new millennium.

At the commencement of the meeting, all members observed one minuteof silence to pay their respect to the late En. Jaafar Selamat who wasthe society’s Vice President for 1997-1998. The society lost one of theirkey members in the last quarter of 1998. The meeting proceeded with thereports from the Secretary and the Treasurer respectively. Before the meetingwas concluded, 2 new membership applications were approved. We welcomethe participation of Kadrie Bin Bogol and Bladae Lasem into SAS with openarms. After the conclusion of the AGM, the members proceed with their dinnerat Kingwood Inn.

Established in 1985, Sarawak Artists Society is one of the leading Artsorganization in Sarawak making marks locally as well as Internationally.The members come from various cultural and geographical background andhave varying approach to Arts. We welcome the participation of artistswith high caliber, passion and enthusiasm for the Arts. We also welcomesupport from corporates, organizations and individual Art lovers. To seeour member’s work, you are invited to visit our on-going exhibition atHoliday-Inn Damai. For queries and more information, you may contact usat:

The list below details the composition of SAS’ Committee for 1999-2000:

Advisor:  Stephen Lau , Raphael Scott Abeng, ChinKee, Lam Siong Onn, Phang Ling
President:   Sylvester Jussem
Vice President:  Irving Tan, Bong Choo Chew
Secretary:   Norman Choo
Asst. Secretary:  Sim Chiap Hin, Gerald Goh
Treasurer:   Chai Fook Vui
Asst. Treasurer:  Sim Chiap Peng
Committee:  Magdalene Tai, Michael Nelson, Petrus Alfred,Raphael Scott Abeng, Liong Ming Kong.
Auditor:   Liong Ming Kong