Malaysian Red Crescent Dance For Humanity


1. Introduction


Malaysian Red Crescent, Miri Chapter is planning to organise an event of cultural and traditional dances with the event title of International Dance For Humanity.

It will be a 5 hour non-stop performance of dances.


MRC Miri Chapter had organised in previous years the Dance for Humanity as a fund-raising event through the kind patronage of supporters and well-wishers.

Local dancing troupes representing various social, ethic and cultural groups took enthusiastic participation to showcase their performance during the event that brought about a great educational-entertainment.

This will be the 6th time the event is being organised.


2. Organising Committee


The organising committee led by a Red Crescent Officer will consist of Red Crescent members and representatives from various organisations, government departments and agencies.


3. Objectives

         To promote Peace and Harmony through local, trans-national and socio-cultural exchanges

     To promote international friendship and understanding through the participation of National Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies to amplify the principle of UNIVERSALITY

       To enhance racial and cultural harmony and unity in our diversified society through cultural activities

       To inculcate the spirit of CARING society through harnessing the support from the local and private sectors


4. Theme


Together for International Peace & Harmony


5. Mode of Fund Raising


5.1 Donation cards will be distributed to members, organisations, agencies to solicit donations.

A donation of RM5.00 and above will be entitled to a Lucky Draw coupon.

Lucky Draw prizes: 3 grand prizes and many consolation prizes.


5.2 This is not a dance competition and no prizes will be awarded.


6. Participation


6.1 Local - Open to both amateur and professional from non Governmental organisations, clubs, schools, dance studios and interested groups


6.2 International - The organiser hopes that through support of Sarawak Branch and National Headquarters to invite participation from National Societies in ASEAN countries and the Asia-Pacific region.

Other local dance troupes will also be among the hosts of participants. In this connection, the organising chapter earnestly appeal for International participation and to enjoy a warm hospitality of our friendly resort city.


6.3 Entrance

Entry form is available at our Website (address at last page of this project paper)

No entrance fee is required

All participating troupes are in the understanding that there will be no subsidy and reimbursement.

It is mutually agreed that participation is for charity and for promoting the objectives of the event.


6.4 Closing Date: 30 May 2009


All participating troupes will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.


7. Audience


Open to all and admission is free.

From past experience, attendance is very encouraging and the organiser has received numerous positive and encouraging feedback.

Both participants and audience enjoyed the event!


8. Performance




-         National Dance featuring cultures, traditions, social & racial harmony

-         Musical presentations of national / traditional musical instruments

-         Presentation / Performance with elements of peace, non-discrimination and promotion of humanitarian values


8.2 Duration : not more than 5 minutes for each presentation


9 For foreign troupes:


9.1 No. of presentation / performances: not more than 2 per troupe


9.2 Resources (instrument, costumes, music, etc)

-        To be made available by participating troupes / groups (there shall be no claim or reimbursement)

-        To advise organiser on need of special requirements upon confirmation of participation


9.3 Size of troupe / group : 1 to maximum of 12 persons inclusive of Troupe leader/manager.


10. Transport & Travelling


10.1 Participating National Societies shall bear the cost of travelling to and from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.


10.2 Local transportation shall be borne by MRC Miri Chapter


11. Accommodation & Meals


11.1 During the stay in Miri, MRC Miri Chapter will provide accommodation

11.2 Meals will be provided for the duration of the stay from 13-15 June 2009.

11.3 Dietary restrictions, if any, must be advised early


12. Extended stay


12.1 Arrival prior to 13 June and extended stay after 16 June shall be the

responsibility of the troupes / groups / individual

12.2 The organiser will assist to make the necessary arrangement. Early advice is required to facilitate arrangement.


13. Program

            12 or 13 June 2009                                       Arrival

            13                                                                    Rehearsal     

14 June 2009 (1.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.)        Performance             

            15 June 2009                                                City tour         

                                                                                    Fellowship Dinner                

            16 June 2009                                                Departure      



14. Publicity


The event is made known through the following media:

  • The local press
  • Through our Homepage
  • The local and National radio channels in major languages
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Flyers


15. Venue


The Miri Indoor Stadium is a fully air-conditioned building with a seating capacity of over 2,000 seats and a big centre floor space that can accommodate over 150 performers. It is equipped with standard requirement such office, dressing rooms, First Aid room and security room.


16. Feasibility of Event


16.1 The organization has been receiving the support of the Miri City Council, the Government Agencies, private sectors, Non-Governmental organizations, various local media and the general public.


16.2 The event is listed in the Programme 2009 of Sarawak Tourism Board


16.3 This will be the 6th time for the Chapter to organize this event and hope to have International participation.


17. Other General Information

17.1 Miri City


Set along the north-eastern coast of Sarawak, Miri is a fast developing Resort City. It is the Gateway to Northern Sarawak and offers a host of interesting sights and experiences.

17.2 Air travel


Miri is just a flight away (approximately 2 hours) from Kuala Lumpur, serviced daily by major airlines in Malaysia, i.e. Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia.

17.3 Visa


Foreign passport must be valid at least for 6 months and beyond. Official visa is required for entry into Malaysia for most countries (Please check with your immigration authority). Tourist visa can be granted for a 30-day period.

17.4 Climate


The climate in Sarawak is hot and humid during the months from May August with occasional intermittent rain

17.5 Language


 Bahasa Malaysia is the national language. English and Mandarin are widely used

17.6 Communication facilities


Telephone booths, both coin-operated and phone-card operated are easily available in the city area.

International call card for mobile phones are easily available from retail outlets.

Wireless internet access is also available in local hotels and other establishments.

17.7 Currency & Credit cards


The unit of currency in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit. Ringgit in notes are available in 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100. US$ 1 = RM3.60 approximately


Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercards, America Express) are acceptable in most outlets

17.8 Security


Malaysia is a safe and stable country. Miri City is a safe and bustling city, but it always helps to be cautious.


18. Further information


Further/detailed information and updates are available at:


Text Box:    Malaysian Red Crescent, Miri Chapter
            Tel: 6085-411121/428032
            Fax: 6085-420479