-Volume 14, 15 May, 1998 -

Guest Stars on Space: Above and Beyond

What if there is a second season of S:AaB? What if all of the 58th made it through the events in "...Tell Our Moms We Did Our Best" alive? What if they're back on active duty? With these in mind, "Who would you like to see as a guest star on S:AaB"? Here are some of our suggestions, in alphabetical order:

Gillian Anderson as Major Averil "Morrigan" Kenway

Kenway is the CO of the 44th Wailing Banshees, an enigmatic, fiery Marine with a penchant for swords. Her field promotion came a little too fast for the higher-ups, but she's determined to prove that she can and will lead a squadron (which she does with flying colours). Also Lt.-Colonel McQueen's long-term love interest.

Richard Burgi as Tristram Griffin Ward and Glenn Frey as Rick "The Slick" Leeson

Burgi plays T.G. Ward, a mercenary down on his luck hired as a bodyguard by Rick Leeson, an unscrupulous businessperson with an interesting ancestor. But they both become heroes in the end when Leeson saves the WildCards at the risk of his own life!

Ellen Degeneres, Elton John, kd lang and George Michael as "The Gay Cavaliers"

The "Cavaliers" are troop performers who visits the 'Toga to do a spot of entertaining. Or so the 58th squadron think. The seemingly harmless performers have a hidden agenda of their own, which may not be entirely benign. David Marciano plays Kheldar Sutera, their once-a-conman-but-now-allegedly-retired manager.

Adam Goldberg as 1st Lt. Todd "Maverick" Larsen

Second-in-command of the 44th Wailing Banshees, Larsen is a rogue Marine. He's one of the best fighter pilots around and it takes a lot effort to get him down. He's also a computer cracker. [Editor's note: Goldberg played Sergeant Louie Fox in the episode "Pearly". Yes, the guy obsessed with his APC]

Michael Ironside as Admiral Wilhelm Uschanov (ret.)

Vansen's surrogate father -- the "old family friend" who tried to find the Vansen girls for years after he got the news that his friends died (with the AI war, a lot of people fell through the cracks in the system). He finally found the girls when they were in their teens, and sponsored their education. He is highly supportive of Vansen's decision to join the Marine Corps, though he secretly wishes that she would stay on Earth where she would be safe.

Garett Maggert as Dr. Ian Wilmut

A "long haired psycho-babbly tech type geek with a pipet and petri dish will travel" type of guy. Lots of creator/created type tension when they/he realise/s that Cooper was "one of his", so to speak.

France Nguyen as Kwai Pao Lung

Nguyen plays a groundbreaking female Taoist priest who teaches Wang (yes, he lives) the born again Catholic (because he lives) a lesson or two in faith and ecumenism. To quote Perry, "A sorta Guinan type character, no?"

Leslie Nielsen as Sergeant Irwin Goldberg

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes on the Saratoga? Presenting: Nielsen as a bumbling quartermaster, who may be more of a threat to the Marines than the Chigs themselves.

Mitch Pillegi as Lt.-Colonel James Barlow

Pillegi's character is an old friend of McQueen and Ross, who saved their lives in the in AI war. When he started speaking out against Aerotech, the scheming company managed to uncover a personal secret that he thought he had managed to bury in the past. Blackmailed into retiring, he visits the 'Toga to say goodbye to McQueen and Ross -- and secretly gives them info on Aerotech.

Patrick Stewart as Admiral Douglas Stephen Westmoreland III

As one of the top strategist of the Chig war, no one suspected that the British Royal Navy's most popular Admiral could do wrong. After all, didn't he predict some of the spectacular failures that dogged Earth forces? But Westmoreland has a dark past, one that has always haunted him. And now he decides to come clean.

And last, but not least....

Robert Picardo as Jon, the Tun's Tavern bartender (a FBs in-joke)

Bartender, patient listener, message center, hangover cure extraordinaire, and occasionally janitor (cleaning up the bloody mess the FBs leave behind ::g::), we can't imagine the Tun's without his stalwart and occasionally weary presence.

[More coming next month!]

Pictures taken from Gillian Anderson Images, Cult of Mike, The Gallery of Smarm, Phillip's Due South Picture Library, Skinner Photo Archive, The Official Robert Picardo Homepage, and Starbase 28.

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