-Volume 9, 1 February, 1998-

Miscellaneous Interesting Write-ups

From the Quill Pen

Before Kingfisher's Mission Reports....

In celebration of Sci-Fi Channel's recent rerun of S:AaB, this edition's featured fanfic is "Alternative Episode Titles", an older but still as good as ever work. Drawing upon their collective wacky (some would say perverse) sense of humour, Sparhawk, Peregrine, and Garuda created one of the first Firebirds classics.

You can read it at the Fiction Archives. Enjoy!

Addresses and Sites

Fan fiction. Love 'em or hate 'em, no one can deny that a trip down the roads not taken can be a very interesting journey - depending on the writer. For the best in S:AaB fanfic universe, visit:

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