-Volume 7, 1 January, 1998 -

Miscellaneous Interesting Write-ups

From the Quill Pen

Fiction from the pens of the 88th can be found at the Fiction Archives.

You know you're obssesed with SAAB....
by Peregrine

.......when your interests perk up after you find out about your neighbour's 28-year-old-as-yet-unmarried son being called Tai <Ty?> (whom you haven't heard of nor seen for all the 3 years they've lived in your neighbourhood) I swear!

.......when you automatically savour the 12 strawberries you bought from Yaohan because you worry about rationing.

........when you immediately want to correct the CNN anchor for calling the head of the UN Kofi Anan when it should be Diane Hayden.

And now I shall crawl back from whence I came. three strawberries left

Perry, whose face you will find in the Oxford Dictionary under the term OBSSESSIVE

Songs in the Key of S:AAB

It's a little late... or early, but it's never too late to enjoy a few carols...Contributions of the Firebirds [Note: Not all of these are the Firebirds' original creations]

To be sung to Joy to the world.

Joy to the world and bring back SaAB
Let Fox bring back T.C
Let every station prepare them room or or organ and Wong will sing.

To be sung to Deck the Halls.

Deck the Toga with boughs of holly fa la la la la la la la la
Tis the season to hug T.C fa la la la la la la la la
Don me now my flight apparel fa la la la la la la la la la
Looking down my gun sized barral fa la la la la la la la la.

To be sung to White Christmas.
(T.C sings this)

I'm dreaming of a white christmas, just like the ones I wish I knew.
Where the tree tops glisten and Us marines listen to hear chigs eat yellow snow.
I'm dreaming of a white christmas with every Von Richtofen that I kill.
May Earth days be merry and bright and may Wildcards go and kick ass tonight.

To the tune of Hark the Herald Angel Sing

Hark the herald, angry angels siiii-ing
Glory to the tankborn,Ty
"Peace on earth if we kill all Chiggys
Have no God with whom to reconcile."

Glory all ye nations rise
Join the battle in the skies
"Hooyah!", the angry angels sii-ing
"Watch your six, there's incoming."

To the mangled tune of Little Drummer Boy:

"Chigs," they told him parampampampam
"We kill all chigs" parampampampam
"We are THE MARINES" parampampampam
"Our biggest guns we'll bring" parampampam ,rampampampam,ramprampampam

"Chigs are our enemies" parampampampam
"They're filled with greenish grease" parampampampam
"They spooge and curse Chigese" parampampampam
"Invaded us without an as-you-please" parampampampam ,blah blah

"Chigs" they warned him parampampampam
"We want to kill them all"parampampampam
"Roundhammer's our great big ruse"
"And the 58th's the fuse " parampampampam blah blah

"We will win this war" parampampampam
"Kill AIs, even the score" parampampampam
"Coz AIs are chig allies" parampampampam
"We wont leave a-one alive" parampampampam blah blah

"Marines, it's do or die" parampampampam
"Lets hear your battle cry" parampampampam
"We'll deal death from above" parampampamam
"In space and on earth" parampampampam, blah blah

Courtesy of Christine, JMDG-L.

1/ Away on the Toga, (Away in a Manger)

Away on the Toga,
No Chig finds a bed,
No AI lies sleeping,
Where Ross lays his head.

The Wildcards aren't missing,
McQueen has two legs,
and Winslow comes calling
and Ray Butts ain't dead.

2/ Angels from the USS Yorktown (From the Realms of Glory)

Angels from the USS Yorktown,
Win your fight, defend the Earth.
Aliens known as Chigs are coming,
They don't know your Majors worth.

Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaansen, Damphousse, Waaaang and West,
Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansen, Damphousse,Wang,West,Cooper Hawkes.

Wildcards from the Saratoga,
Fighting Chigs with all their might
Rescue Kylen then go Under
Disappearing into Night

Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansen, Damphousse, Wang and West,
Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansen, Damphousse, Wang,West Cooper Hawkes

3/ Hark the Angry Angels Sing

Hark the Angry Angels sing,
Death comes spitting from their wing.
Chigs and AI's all turn flight,
Angels firing in the night.

Though they die,
They linger on,
Memorys live
in the last one.
Ty McQueen their Major fair,
Now with WIldcards fighting there.
Ty McQueen an Invitro,
Killing Chigs where'er he goes.

Hark this Angry Angel Sings,
Chig von Richt, I'll give him wings,
He won't kill any more kids,
Winslow's death will make it quits.

See he lays his implant by,
Flys so CVR might die,
Flies to save the son's of Earth,
He will give them all he's worth,
Angry Angel from above
Fighting for the Kids he loves

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