-Volume 10, 15 February, 1998-

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Fan Fiction Review

Versus: From Distance To Release by Paula Sanders
Reviewed by Peregrine

My first recommendation and a serious one .

Its Neil-angst of the profound kind and very astutely written and characterised. West and Vansen doing a little off screen bonding (trust me, its all very kosher). A missing scene to act as closure and as the author explains it, very much born of the unsatisfactory --read short (well some of us are angsters)-- treatment of West's story relationship with his family and particularly Neil, as was seen in Toy Soldiers. However, this reads almost as canon. I think that's high praise in itself.

In summary, this vignette begins directly after Neil(West's younger brother)'s death at the hands of Lieutenant Herrick (the scum must die!) of the "shake-and-bake" fame. West disputes Neil's martyrdom, questions his ideals and generally makes it clear he has some "unresolved issues". Okay, its true he blubbers -- but that seems to be the West we've come to know and love (knowaddamean FBs?? <grin>).

Vansen almost empathically reacts to his sorrow (well she's got irritating kid siblings too y'know but she wouldn't want to see them get killed unnesessarily in a shootout!). She does her best to snap him out of it in the only way she knows how -- she lends him a shoulder to cry on (at least that's what I hope she meant when she said "I can take it" ) -- which seems a feat of strength in itself for the hard-bitten Marine to 'reach out and touch someone' (eew did that sound corny?).

Vansen comes across as strong and maternal while West gives into his tantrums and battlescars -- those ghostly emotional wounds that all the Five-Eight seem to bear and harbour. Even so, he becomes reconciled (sorta) to Neil's death....

Cathartic for the reader and apparently a very personal story as admitted by the author. An all-round sniffly read to be consumed only with lots of comfort foods and beverages.

Oh, and a warning for strong language .

Addresses and Sites

As Lt-Col. T.C. McQueen, James Morrison has fascinated many S:AaB fans with his potrayal of the intense, enigmatic In-Vitro. It is only fitting that such a fine actor would be the focus of this fortnight's newsletter. Presented below is a list of webpages for information on Morrison.

To read a bio of Lt-Col McQueen at Mission Status, go to http://web1.microserve.net/space:aab/chars/index.cgi?Morrison

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