-Volume 15, 15 June, 1998-

Miscellaneous Interesting Write-ups

From the Quill Pen

Tell Our Moms... We Went to the Kopitiam-lah!

A Space: Above and Beyond/Kopitiam crossover by the caffeine-guzzling duo, Sparhawk and Garuda

Read it now at at the Fiction Archives.

Addresses and Sites

"Have you ever thought about the fact that there are a lot of hearts and diamonds in a pack of cards? A lot of spades and clubs. But there's only one joker." - Jostein Gardner, 'Sophie's World'

Lt. Paul Wang is the smart-alec of the squadron, the guy who laughs at anything... and the guy they never expected will be a good Marine. But like a sword forged in fire, Wang became stronger through the many trials -- the torture at the hands of Elroy-L, facing his own phobia, admitting to his betrayal -- and in the end, he gave his life to save the colonists. This month, we honour the actor: Joel de la Fuente.

Snail mail address:

Joel de la Fuente
c/o Lasher, McManus and Robinson
2372 Veteran Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

A short biography of Wang can be found at Mission Status.

Graphics taken from Mission Status and ClipArt Collection.

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