-Volume 9, 1 February, 1998 -

-contributions of Lt. Peregrine [Morale Officer]-

There will be no Musings this fortnight.

"Rest enough for the individual man, too much and too soon, and we call it death. But for man, no rest and no ending. He must go on, conquest beyond conquest. First this little planet and all its winds and ways, and then all the laws of mind and matter that restrains him. Then the planets about him, and, at last, out across immensities to the stars. And when he has conquered all the deep space, and all the mysteries of time, still he will be beginning."

H.G. Wells, "Things to Come"

Hope your computer gets well soon, Perry.

And now, for something completely different, courtesy of Albatross.

Since Per[egrine]'s away, you ppl need some Morale lifting! This time, it's Bats the humour officer with quotes with a difference. FB QUOTES!!!!!

Actually I'm cleaning out my Trash, but what the heck. Until Per gets back, you'll be receiving 3 quotes a day.

"It's about 8 inches."


"Do you want the whole thing or just chest up?"


"Was the mural the one which looked like a bunch of sperms?"


OK, so I'm in a perverted mood tonite...the first 2 quotes were referring to the FB gathering pix, and E's was about a mural in her old school or something. ROTFL!

"Spar, at least he didn't leave you sitting on the potty!"
E on KF

"She'll tip you upside down, stick you in an airlock and thraten [sic] to hit the release button if you don't promise on your life to do as she says. And if she doens't hit the button, be very sure that Spar won't be as hesitant."

Spar on what Garry will do to newbies who don't edit mails

"Privates don't have "things"."

Blacky at the Gathering

Bats' note: You are Privates First Class, one rung up, and you do have "things".

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