-Volume 10, 15 February, 1998 -

-contributions of Lt. Peregrine [Morale Officer]-


Love is only the dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species.


You may write me down in history,
With your bitter twisted lies
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dirt, I rise

There, is a dish to hold the sea
A brazier to contain the sun
A compass for the galaxy
A voice to wake the dead and done.

--Excerpt of Imagination, by John Davidson--

Electric eels, I might add, do it
Though it shocks 'em, I know
Why ask if shad do it?
Waiter bring me shad roe.
In shallow shoals, English soles do it,
Gold fish in the privacy of bowls do it,
Lets do it, let's fall in love.

Old sloths who hang down from twigs do it
Though the effort is great
Sweet guinea pigs do it
Buy a couple and wait.
The world admits bears in pits do it,
Even pekineses in the Ritz do it,
Let's do it, lets fall in love.

--Cole Porter, Lets Do It--


Not a red rose or a satin heart

I give you an onion.
It is a moon wrapped in brown paper
It promises light
like the careful undressing of love.

It will bind you with tears
like a lover
It will make your reflection
a wobbling photo of grief

I am trying to be truthful.

Not a cute card or a kissogram.

I give you an onionIts fierce kiss will stay on your lips
possessive and faithful
as we are
for as long as we are

Take it.
Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding ring
Its scent will cling to your fingers
Cling to your knife.

--Carol Ann Duffy, Valentine--


Bashir: And what happened to you two?
Dax(looking at Worf): Er, we--
Bashir: No! Don't tell me. I don't need THAT image running around in my head either."

"I don't know how to love HIM..."

--Judas Iscariot + Mary Magdelene, Jesus Christ Superstar--

"Love alters not when it alteration finds...."

--Will Shakespeare----


Latin: In hoc signo vinces
English: Under this standard will you conquer


Rubore di tinxerunt rosas
Caeruleo di tinxerunt violas
Ita Carthaginiensis Carthaginem habere
Possint ut semper habeum meas delicias!


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I don't care if Carthaginians keep Carthage
As long as I always have you!


*Repeat after me. Yo!*
*What a fabulous window treatment.*
"What a-"
*That was a trick!*

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