-Volume 9, 1 February, 1998 -


There are no news on the Firebirds in this issue.


I'd like to welcome Jessi (SeuneAeryk) and Baraa (Wonder Man) to the airwing. May your stay be pleasant, and above all interesting.


There is an article on Space: Above and Beyond at the SciFi Entertainment website. Pop over
here to read it.

For those who are interested in getting their own Chig toy, go to your local toy store and take a look at the LEGO UFO sets. The Chigs can be found in sets # 6915, 6975, and 6999.

The latest issue of the Australian Frontier magazine had follow-ups to last quarter's brilliant "Defending S:AAB" issue. There was quite a bit actually, starting with the editorial, which described how they had had fantastic feedback, quite unexpectedly. Katharine Maxwell, the editor, goes on to give the address of the Space Ready Reserve, and to point out that interest from overseas (from the point to view of a US show that is) can help.

Foxtel have just started showing Space again from Saturday 22nd January. (Australia)

Cast and Crew
The transcript for a TVGEN/Yahoo! chat with Morgan & Wong is available at the website.

Lanei's character (Ensign Rager) in the New and Improved Star Trek Encyclopedia, and at the very bottom of the article it says "Lanei Chapman later had a regular role in Space, Above and Beyond". (So they put a comma instead of a colon.)

Tucker's TV-movie "Blackout", which was supposed to be aired a couple of weeks ago, has been rescheduled to early 1998. Nothing more specific at this time.


  • Kristen Cloke and Tucker Smallwood in "Millennium"
  • Harriet Sansom Harris in "The Practice"
  • Tucker Smallwood in "Blackout Effect"
  • James Morrison in a "Frasier" rerun, syndicated
  • James Morrison in a "Quantum Leap" rerun, Sci-Fi Channel
  • John-bro Wilkie (Chig #3) will be playing an alien in an upcoming "Star Trek: Voyager" episode ('The Killing Game')... (There's a photo on Kate Duncan's site, linked from her News page.
  • Michael Reilly Burke (aka Shane's old flame, John Oakes) guests on CBS's "Promised Land",
  • The guy who played "Mank" in SAAB (the guy who got Shane's Lavatory Card) plays a reporter in "L.A. Confidential".

The Jan. 12th issue of Broadcast and Cable magazine published a list of one-hour syndicated programs that debuted in 1997 with their rating to date. Pensacola, Rodney Rowland's new series, is at No. 3:
  1. Earth:Final Conflict (4.1)
  2. Honey I Shrunk the Kids (3.4)
  3. Pensacola: Wings of Gold (3.3)
  4. Nightman (3.1)
  5. Team Knight Rider (2.5)
  6. Wild Things (2.5)
  7. Police Academy (2.4)
  8. Soldier of Fortune (2.2)
  9. Conan the Adventurer (1.7)
  10. Fame L.A. (1.6)
  11. Due South (1.4)

From: Kate Duncan
James Morrison is currently filming episode six ...of a new sci-fi/thriller series "Prey" ...now in production for ABC and planned as a mid-season replacement...James plays Lewis, one of the "new species". Looks like he could be in two or three more episodes.

Addendum on Prey, from Barry:

Prey is a Warner Bros. production and will be on ABC in January. James has finished filming his first 2 episodes, "Infiltration" and "Transformations", and will begin filming his third, "Veil", on Friday, Dec. 5. These three episodes are the 6th, 7th and 8th episodes in the show. At first, they planned on killing him in the 8th one, but now plans have changed and it looks like the door will remain open to bring him back later in the show.

So far, ABC has ordered 13 episodes, and will probably run them from January till the end of the season in May, then repeat them over the summer if the show gets renewed and picked up for a full season in the fall of 98.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the Prey set several times and a few weeks ago I had the honor of meeting Mr. Morrison for the second time. We had a nice chat as his scene kept getting delayed. :) From what I can tell, the show has the potential to be really good, or really bad. I've read a few of the scripts and have watched them film quite a few scenes, but not having seen a finished product, I can't comment on the quality. I guess we'll have to wait and see. The premise is really interesting. James is the leader of a new species of humans, much smarter than Homo Sapien, and they're all mean as hell. Oh, and to make it real convenient, they want us gone. :)

I've started an unofficial Prey webpage at http://users.aol.com/preyfan

If you are interested in playing a S:AAB RPG, visit http://www.algonet.se/~k_sund/saab_rpg.html. There you can find rules cores etc. for Death Out of Darkness, a RPG project from the 57th Crusaders Squadron. For more information please contact k_sund@algonet.se

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