-Volume 12, 15 March, 1998 -


I'd like to bid an enthusiastic welcome to our newest member, Uma (Nightingale), who'll be joining the newsletter list. Hope you'll enjoy your tour of duty, Private!


The April issue of Starlog (#249) has a good three-page story on Glen Morgan and Jim Wong, written by Marc Shapiro. It focuses mostly on Space but also on The X-Files. There's color photos of the Wild Cards and McQueen, as well as quotes from Morgan and Wong. The article is quoted as saying:

"Space", however, isn't completely, utterly, totally dead. The show is now airing in reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel and in overseas markets. And the release of "Starship Troopers" -- its literary source a precursor to "Space: Above and Beyond" -- might, along with the current aggressive fan-led campaign, spawn a "Space" revival.

© Starlog

Cast and Crew
Joel de la Fuente has recently performed in a play at Naked Angels/The Tiffany Theatre. According to Kate Duncan, Joel said, "The name of the evening is: Winter Shorts 2. There are six short plays in the evening. I'm in the second, entitled Little Bites. It is directed by Josh Hamilton and I am co-starring with Dina Spyby (most recently of Men Behaving Badly)."

Operation Adopt-a-Bill: the Space Ready Reserves needs your help in order to continue to advertise on the Sci-Fi Channel and in various publications, as well as to continue to drum up grass-roots support for Space at conventions, and to meet other operating costs. To get a list of SRR bills needing adoption, go to
http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~rayj/logistics/op.adopt.html. You can reach these pages and the sponsors list from the main logistics webpage.

New Ready Reserves t-shirts, as well as other paraphernalia, can be seen at http://www.planetx.com/~kduncan/spacedock98.html. An order form is also provided. More merchandise is available at http://www.freeyellow.com/members/srrlogistics/club_merch.html, which has pictures and descriptions of the items. If you can't web-browse and need a text version complete with order form, you can send mail to the auto-mailer at srrlogistics-info@freeyellow.com.

Pictures taken from The Morgan and Wong Worship Ground (with permission), and Mission Status.

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