-Volume 12, 15 March, 1998 -


This poem was written by a Vietnam vet, 1st Lt Antonio Vince De Capello, USMC.

An Afrit Sang

...shut yer eyes, minkie.
it ain't no use
you can let them fall

              an afrit follows.

              ...heeled by fear
              haring you to make
              hell on earth
              none too sparingly.

Daring the spittle to flow
from the breast to cleave the brain
no dice, no dice
all bets are off...

              see? an afrit follows.

              man! you're all spinal
              beating chicken, hatching tick-bombs
              getting easy aint it preacher?
              getting with it, father-of-two?

Alarm's an alarming wake
sound off, three four
dip the stick
hit the floor

              cannon one-two, short.
              war's on the cinq senses
              obliterating my premier man's
              touch, my hand's were not mine to shake

Mortar romances target zero
like woman and me when we say hello
like romeo with juliet nihilo
tragedy a-baste with spongiform lust

                          the afrit gets some.

growing and dead before long
feeding on decay
making gravy from fat swollen bodied corpses
making happy on life's little surprises

              the rifle sputs, a trifling
              tattoo, that soldier's breath stops
              short -----mercy's hollow
              ring a bell instead
              ---accompaniment for death's suite

We be the chorus....
Warm up the band.

                          and the afrit sings pastoral.

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