-Volume 8, 15 January, 1998 -

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Parrot, 88th Firebirds:

This is Private Parrot calling out!

I just wanted to know if any of you Firebirds know how I would get in possesion of all the S:AAB episodes. Because Iím in serious demand for them and Iím been looking around for them here in Sweden but with no success, so Iím asking you guys if you know how or could get in possession of all the episodes on VHS, I would really be happy if I can get in hold of the VHS and of course I would pay for them. Thanks!

Parrot will accept both PAL and NTSC format

From Wildfire, Asian Airwing/41st Wild Furies:

Some of you may know this already. The SciFi Channel will re-run Space: Above and Beyond starting from January 18. There's a call out now for S:AABers to "recruit" people to watch the show. This may be harder for us in Asia, but if anyone of you has US/Canadian/whoever-who-are-able-to-get-SciFi friends, spread the word! For instance, if you're part of a StarTrek or X-Files or whatever club/discussion group/mailing list/IRC group/newsgroup/etcetc, let your friends know!

From Andrew Chung:

My name's Andrew Chung and I am a S:AAB fan. I've just started a project, "Semper Fi" (you should recognise that if you're any kind of S:AAB fan! - it's from "Semper Fi, Semper Fi, Marine corps way is do or die!" and various characters say "Semper Fi" in S:AAB). Basically I have a domain name of http://semperfi.base.org and unlimited web space (if you want technical details etc. mail me). I have put up the front page at the moment but there is nothing else yet since there are no members. If you want to join then just e-mail me there's no selection policy at the moment (if there is sufficient response there may be) and...it's FREE!
Semper Fi aims to bring together S:AAB fans on the web by having space on which fans can put their web sites. I am also going to put up a chat board, bio page etc. for members to chat about anything they want. It is entirely free (although any donations to help me pay for the domain name would help) and hopefully should become a meeting point for S:AABers on the web.
With your help "Semper Fi" could succeed so please e-mail me if you are interested and I will send you further details. Also, could you please forward this to any S:AAB fans you know.

Chung - chungster@earthling.net
Semper Fi, my Friends.

*Project Semper Fi hits the beach at 00:00 January 1 1998 GMT*

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