-Volume 14, 15 May, 1998 -

Subject: Read up, Marines!

From: 2nd Lt. Wolfman, 41st Wild Furies/Asian Airwing


Read this book: Marine, by Tom Clancy.

Unless, of course, you've already read this book. In that case, good job, carry on.

Seriously, the book gives an interesting insight into the lives of the Marine. How many of us actually know what the Marine does? Does anyone know the mission profile of the MEU (SOC)? (That's Marine Expeditionary Unit [Special Operations Capable], by the way.)

Recommended reading for all of us SAABers out there.

Subject: OT: Cool site
From: Lt. Albatross, 88th Firebirds


Cool site, Marines!

Picture taken from Mission Status.

Lacking an issue? Find out what the Firebirds have been up to.

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