-Volume 13, 15 April, 1998 -

Subject: Commonwealth Defense Force

From: Lt-Col. David Inman, 29th Doodlebugs

Hi CDF units!

Sorry it's been a few months since an update, but things have been pretty chaotic in my life!

Just to update you, I'm in the process of organising CDF patches to be made. They will cost approximately 5 sterling (excluding P&P which will be negotiable). This scheme will be non-profit making, and should any profit be made, this will be donated to Cancer Research.

If your squad wishes to order some, please let me know numbers etc......

Is was pretty amazing last week when I met Tucker Smallwood and James Morrison at a con in the UK. Firstly, they are 2 of the nicest guys you could meet, and secondly there were LOTS (!) of Space fans there (I've never seen so many flightsuits!).

Again, sorry for the lack of organisation in the last few months, but I'm hoping things will pick up again.

Semper fi

Subject: 57th Gathering
From: Lt. Albatross, 88th Firebirds

Heya FBs!

The 57th had a Gathering, and the pictures from it are up here.

They didn't just scoff food like us, they had wargames etc. Maybe we could do something like that next gathering.

Lacking an issue? Find out what the Firebirds have been up to.

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