-Volume 12, 15 March, 1998 -

Subject: The Meaning of Wang
From: Hudhud, 88th Firebirds

Hey FBs!

Got this from The Star, January 28. I think you should read it.

After the Jade Emperor made the tiger the guard of heaven, the animals on earth began to hunt and eat humans. Heeding mankind's pleas for protection, the emperor sent the tiger down to restore order. It fought many battles with the lion, horse and bear. And when the great turtle of the sea threatened human lives by causing floods, the tiger slew it.

For its might and bravery, the tiger earned its stripes when the Jade Emperor marked its skin with one stroke for every animal he had defeated and made him king of all the other animals. The Chinese interpreted the markings on the forehead of the tiger as the pictogram "wang" meaning "king" and honoured the creature accordingly.

Oh my, I guess Paul's callsign should be King, not Joker. A very great thanks to my best friend Uma who struggled herself to find out about this.

Subject: S:AaB World Roster
From: Wildfire, Asian Airwing/41st Wild Furies

The listings of S:AABers from Canada and USA have been updated. Ukraine has been added to the countries listed.

URL: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/4441/saabworld.html

Subject: 2 Tapes Needed

From: Wonder Man, Asian Airwing

We in UAE Dubai have Arab Sat & Asia SAT (well..most of us). So when Space AaB was aired we saw it on Star Plus (mid last year) at that time I was in Oman & I lost recording 1/2 of the 1st eps.

While moving to Dubai I lost recording another one : "the one when the 58th were on a planet and met some old colonel with old tank & wang met Elroy-L and Wang tried to steel some parts from the 58th etc etc I can't remember the rest". [Garuda's note: the episode is "Pearly"]

Now, unfortunately when the Star Plus re-air them I was on a vacation!! And missed it again!

Since we all in Asia, can some one close from here who tape these two eps. Pls. send me a copy (can contact me for that) and will pay whatever needed with many many many many many thanks.

Picture taken from Mission Status.

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