-Volume 10, 15 February, 1998 -


Hi FBs,

So tell me. Is *anyone* interested in having a Tee done up at all? It's been so long in deep freeze that it's bordering on cryogenics. If there's no interest, I'm going to shove that idea out the airlock like one of so many space caskets floating around, alright?

Now, if there is some interest, we need a logo. Don't tell me that not *one* of you can draw?? Come on! We have 45 members. 26 on this list. I'm sure that *one* of you must have *some* ideas!! Talk to us, here alright?? Or if you see any pictures on the web or think any one of them might look good with some modifications, let us know.

I need the logo for 2 things. The front page of the website and the Tee, if anyone's interested. If there is *really* no interest in the logo, then, lets just scrap it and remain logo-less. In such a circumstance, I'm going to propose that those who are interested in having a Tee just make do with your callsign and "88th Firebirds" where a logo would be.

It's the best I can manage for now. So, get back to me or I'll treat this as an aborted mission.

Semper Fi!

Commanding Officer (Acting)
The 88th Firebirds
-The Spirit Lives On-

Space: Above and Beyond World Roster

From Wildfire, 41st Wild Furies:
Hi all! This is a request for those who've not signed the S:AAB world roster to do so. The URL is http://www.geocities.com/Area51/4441/saabworld.html.



Military Apparel and Gear

From Goshawk:
I came across this ad:


"Order Anything & Everything in Camoflage Online! The Army Navy Superstore. The source for Military, Outdoor, Camping apparel and gear. Retail and wholesale. Camping, Hunting, Law Enforcement, and more! Anything and everything for Outdoor & camping use. Extremely Low Prices-Fast Shipping- Free Sweater- What more can you ask for!"


Valentine's Day Card

Albatross has sent us a card! To view it, go to:


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