-Volume 7, 1 January, 1998 -


On behalf of the squadron, I'd like to welcome Privates Stefan, Rozleena (Dove), Hartini (Pelican), Hazel (Dark Owl), Eric, Kee Yew, Andy (Falconet), Ee Von, and Spencer. Let us all raise our mugs of Chiggy von Rootbeer and wish them a happy and fruitful season killing Chigs!

The Nesting Site has been updated, notably the
Personnel section. There are also excerpts from an earlier chat with Joel de la Fuente.

As was stated in the last newsletter, our website was featured in Cyberwave. The transcript for that segment has been added to the Cyberwave site! Go to "Archive" and then, to "Fun Sites".

The Gathering:
The Firebirds held a Gathering on 21st December, Sunday, from 11 to 4pm. For a full briefing, go to the Gathering reports. (Soon to be available on this site)

From Lt Col Matt "Thor" McCarthy:

The 95th, War Hammers would like to invite you to the opening of the latest weapon in the fight to get SPACE: Above and Beyond back on our screen.

Over the last year, the international following of SPACE: has grown dramatically, and we now have a large army dedicated fans all wanting to know what they can do to get the show back.

The key to any successful campaign is co-ordination, and to make this possible, on Monday 1st December, the 95th will be launching SOS-L, a new mailing list dedicated to formation and co-ordination of SOS campaigns for fans of the show living outside the US.

Although this list is for the creation of a non-US campaign, the door is always open to US fans. We are looking for all fans of the show as your own knowledge and skill from RL may well prove invaluable as we build this campaign .

The key aims of this list are to raise awareness of the show and to campaign to the companies who buy shows from the US for showing world wide.

For more information please come and visit the SOS-L web site where you can see a copy of our guidelines and join the list. Or e-mail us at The_War_Hammers@SciFiFan.Com

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