-Volume 8, 15 January, 1998 -

Semarak Api -- n. origin. Malay 1. Lit. Flame-of-the-Forest. Tree with small flaming red flowers. 2. May the fire burn on. May the spirit live on...


How are the Muslims faring in the month of Ramadan? Chin up, soldiers. This is likely to be one of the few times in a year when you get to toughen up. ;)

"Musings of a Guylian-Eating Officer" is suspended indefinitely because Peregrine is having computer problems (read: her comp is totally fried). This edition may be a little sparse in some sections, but I promise you that the others make up for this. We have included some interesting news on the Firebirds, Asian Aiwing, and the cast of Space: Above and Beyond.

An epic draws to a close as we present to you the final part of Kingfisher's "Operation White Wing - Fight for Hill 375". I'd like to remind the newsletter list that any submissions to the newsletter are very much welcome. "Semarak Api" was intended to be a two-way communication between the newspaper and mailing list, so without your participation we can't make that happen.

As always, enjoy! See you in a fortnight.

Servabo fidem,
Captain Yasmin "Garuda" M.
88th Firebirds Squadron

The newsletter will be posted every fortnight (hopefully). For suggestions and contributions to both the newsletter and mailing list e-mail Garuda. I will forward any message intended for the whole squadron to the mailing list. If you want your message to be seen by the whole squadron, state it clearly and I will put it up on the Bulletin Board column as well. I am also responsible for Communications, so e-mail me if you have any other problems, except those concerning your membership in the 88th, as that falls under Peregrine's wing.

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