-Volume 11, 1 March, 1998 -

Semarak Api -- n. origin. Malay 1. Lit. Flame-of-the-Forest. Tree with small flaming red flowers. 2. May the fire burn on. May the spirit live on...


Almost as if to make up for last fortnight's lack of news, this edition is practically chock-full of S:AaB news. We have an article taken from the Chronolog, as well as quotes from TVZone. Our other highlights in this newsletter are a fanfic page review in From the Quill Pen, and our salute to Kristen Cloke similar to last edition's focus on James Morrison. You might also want to check out So You Want to be a Marine.... as it features the Marines' Hymn.

This edition also sees some changes in the online version, but I'm not going to spoil it for you. Suffice to say, read on. :) I think you will be pleasantly surprised (and while you're at it, why not explore the rest of the site too?). Kudos goes to Sparhawk, Albatross, and Peregrine for this fortnight's large helping of Musings. I'd like to thank the 57th-L for contributing the bulk of S:AaB news, as well as the various websites, without which this edition would not be possible. <salute>

Enjoy, people.

Semper fi!
Captain Yasmin "Garuda" M.
88th Firebirds Squadron

The newsletter is published every fortnight. For suggestions and contributions to both the newsletter and mailing list e-mail Garuda. I will forward any message intended for the whole squadron to the mailing list. If you want your message to be seen by the whole squadron, state it clearly and I will put it up on the Bulletin Board column as well. I am also responsible for Communications, so e-mail me if you have any other problems, except those concerning your membership in the 88th, as that falls under Peregrine's wing.

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