-Volume 7, 1 January, 1998 -

Semarak Api -- n. origin. Malay 1. Lit. Flame-of-the-Forest. Tree with small flaming red flowers. 2. May the fire burn on. May the spirit live on...


Welcome to the very First edition of the 88th Firebirds Online Newsletter. This Newsletter has been an ongoing project for sometime, for those members who have opted not to join the 88th's Mailing List.

However, due to the excellent work done by Garuda on the Newsletter, I decided that it merited a place on the Site. And so this first edition was brought about. Previous editions of the Newsletter can be found at the Archives which, though old news, are still a treat to read.

So, go ahead, flip through this Edition, and catch up on what's up with the 88th Firebirds.

Semper fidelis,
Major HL "Sparhawk" Yap.
The 88th Firebirds
-The Spirit Lives On-


Happy New Year, Marines! After a Christmas break, the Firebirds newsletter is back: bigger, better, and with a new name! We have a lot of goodies for you this issue, not least of which are the Firebirds Gathering reports, and excerpts from a recent chat with Joel de la Fuente. Also, as a belated Christmas offering, we have a couple of X-mas songs -- with a S:AaB twist. Please read the Bulletin Board as we have a couple of important messages.

Here's to another great year! And, good luck to those getting their PMR results. ;)

Servabo fidem,
Captain Yasmin "Garuda" M.
88th Firebirds Squadron

The newsletter will be posted every fortnight (hopefully). For suggestions and contributions to both the newsletter and mailing list e-mail Garuda. I will forward any message intended for the whole squadron to the mailing list. If you want your message to be seen by the whole squadron, state it clearly and I will put it up on the Bulletin Board column as well. I am also responsible for Communications, so e-mail me if you have any other problems, except those concerning your membership in the 88th, as that falls under Peregrine's wing.

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