Disclaimers and Guidelines

We owe Space: Above and Beyond to Glen Morgan and James Wong, Fox Broadcasting and Hard Eight Productions. They decided what canon was, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

What now follows is a blend of fact and fiction. Canon and uncanon. Truth and imagination. What we call our "Interviews with the Wild Cards and Colonel McQueen". It's just our way of introducing each character.

We mean abolutely NO disrespect to the creators and cast of S:AAB. We are simply trying to offer an alternate view to the show. We are looking at S:AAB as the characters see it. The fiction in the fact.

All character write-ups are done in the point of view of the characters themselves, drawing on the various episodes of the show that most impacts on them, as the writers see fit.

Please be warned that some supposed "facts" are made up, especially where little or nothing is known about a particular aspect of a particular character. This was done in order to make the words run more smoothly. It can be classified as fanfiction, and we do so.

We are simply trying to let the characters find a voice and for us to avoid re-hashing S:AAB facts that almost everyone knows about and can be found on all the other wonderful S:AAB pages out there.

Pictures that we used are mostly from the Mission Status Multimedia site. Should you see a picture here that you think is yours, that we used without permission, please let us know and we will credit you with it or take it down if you want us to.

We therefore present you with a choice.

The picture on the Left will take you to the Fiction.
The picture on the Right will take you to the Official biodata at Mission Satus.

Whether you choose fact or fiction, the choice is YOURS.

Choose wisely, for once you make your choice, we are no longer responsible.

Thank you kindly.

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